Remote patient
monitoring isn’t a luxury.
It’s a necessity.

Hospital readmissions, often spurred by an inability to monitor patients post discharge, cause 86% of US hospitals to lose up to 3% of Medicare payments. AION’s discreet, low cost, skin-applied TempShield™ makes remote patient monitoring available for all. ¹


AION Biosystems™’ solution addresses pain points inside & outside of the hospital by offering a post discharge solution, while providing hospitals with a new revenue opportunity.


  • Reduction in readmission penalties
  • $0 out of pocket expenses to hospital – cost of Shield is fully reimbursed by CMS
  • New monthly revenue potential through remote monitoring CPT codes associated with TempShield use (99453, 99454, 99457, 99458)


  • Integrates with existing electronic health records for easy access
  • Only device with a flexible form factor to ensure ease of use and maximum comfort
  • Only RPM device that provides secure, non-transferable patient identification to ensure proper care and prevent fraud

Reimbursable & revenue-generating for providers.

Costs associated with the AION Biosystems™ post-discharge program are reimbursable, through Medicare and secondary insurance, providing hospitals the opportunity to generate new revenue.

New hospital revenue is generated per patient per month through CMS CPT codes associated with RPM treatment management.

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