We are a company dedicated to dramatically expanding the use and value of Remote Patient Monitoring through a unique product and technology platform.

AION Biosystems™’ leaders have decades of experience in healthcare and technology, with an emphasis on sensor-based monitoring and AI. The company’s medical device engineers, quality engineers, scientists and software teams are poised to make AION Biosystems™’ devices and AI platform the preferred technology of clinicians, health systems, long-term care facilities and patients, enabling and improving remote patient monitoring for optimal health outcomes.

Corporate Leadership

Peter Costantino
Peter Costantino, MD.

Founder, Board Chair, and Chief Medical Officer

Samara Barend
Samara Barend

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Blackadar
Tom Blackadar

Chief Technology Officer

David Blechman
David Blechman

Investor Relations

Vlad Starzhevsky

Head of Software

Damek Rehl

Senior Software QA/
Hardware QA Engineer

Kristen Warren

Lead Biomedical Engineer

Rohith Sasidharan

Senior Architect Software and Systems

Medical & Executive Advisory Board

Alyssa Abo
Alyssa Abo,
M.D., M.B.A.
Dan Bouknight
Dan Bouknight,
Dr. Panagiotis Manolas
Panagiotis A. Manolas,
M.D., F.A.C.S.
Amjad Riar
Amjad Riar,