AION Biosystems™’ market-leading real-time monitoring platform will address the insatiable demand for continuous data in healthcare.

In comparison to other technologies, AION Biosystems™ offers a lower unit cost with EHR integration, robust sensor capability, and early warning systems. AION Biosystems™’ expansive patent portfolio ensures a robust barrier-to-entry. Our proprietary technology allows for:

Form Factor

Production Cost





TempShield Continuous Temperature Functionality

  • Secure Patient Identification
  • Bluetooth enabled/Battery
  • Continuously uploads and stores patient temperature
  • No Patient Scanning Necessary
  • Synchs with phone or gateway device
  • Lasts 60 days
  • EMR Connectivity
  • Clinician/Patient Web Application & Dashboard

Use Cases: Patients at highest infection risk post discharge – Oncology patients, Bone Marrow Transplants, NICU, Post operative patients

HIPAA Compliance

All patient information syncs through the AION Biosystems™ cloud, a HIPAA-compliant, secure platform to the existing hospital’s EMR system, creating a single aggregate view of historic and current patient data.

AION Biosystems™’ patented capabilities in frangibility and non-transferability allow for greater protection against fraud

The TempShield™ delivers an innovative IoT system that bridges the gaps in patient data

Our end-to-end product suite allows clinicians to securely identify patients, manage remote continuous monitoring, and transmit data to the hospital’s EMR.

The result? Reduced readmission charges, reduced sepsis cases, and increased hospital revenue.

Our proprietary Bluetooth-enabled Shield delivers secure identification, and robust sensor capability.

Patient Monitoring Process for TempShield